Sustainable Energy & Environmental Solutions

Led by Alain Al Helaly, Albeea specializes in green innovations from efficient air treatment filters to solar-powered cooling systems. Our holistic approach harnesses the sun's power, optimizes wind energy with unique turbine designs, and turns waste into eco-friendly resources. At Albeea, we seamlessly blend technology with sustainability.

Advanced Low Energy Electric-Powered Air Treatment Filters

Efficiently Eliminate Viruses, Bacteria, Dust Particles inside All Types of Buildings including Hospitals, These Filters Units Can Easily be re-fitted in Existing Air Handling Units or Used in Stand Alone Units using minimal electric power and they are Washable & Reusable

Water Generation from Atmospheric Air & Air-Conditioning Using Solar Thermal Energy

Utilizing Solar Thermal & PV Energies to Create Low Temperatures for Water Condensation-Collection & Air Cooling

Thermally Driven Wind Turbines By Solar Tower 

Utilizing Solar Thermal Energy to Drive Efficient Wind Turbines in Underground Tunnels, Optimizing Land Footprint to Power Generation Capacity (Patentable).

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Design Improvements

Innovative Architectural Shape & Tree-Inspired VAWT with Improved Output and Reduced Drag (Patentable)
& Modified Geometry of Aluminum VAWT Blade Design for Improved Output and Reduced Drag (Patentable)

Hydrodynamic Reactors for Crude Oil & H.F.O

Offers Dynamic Pumping of Crude Oil, Fuel Oil Improvement & Desulfurization, Reduction of Cracking Time in Refineries(Patentable).

Biological Treatment for Municipal Biowaste

Transform Bio-Waste into Solid Fertilizers, Liquid Fertilizers and Chicken Feed using Special Fermentation Bioreactors(Patentable).

Biological Remediation of Crude Oil Contaminated Soil

We have vast experience in the cleaning and remediation of crude oil contaminated soils by using our proprietary indigenous consortium of Microorganisms (Bacteria, Enzymes and Yeast) and supporting mediums .

Innovative Construction & Infrastructure

Advanced building technologies offering zero-waste, thermally insulated construction blocks and marine-durable concrete structures. Pioneering in poultry farm designs and exploring the potential of Basalt Fibers for robust infrastructures.

Revolutionary Lightweight Stackable Building Blocks 

Rapid construction, Stackable Building Blocks with Load Bearing, Zero Waste and Thermal Insulation Properties (Patentable).

Environmental Floating Concrete Structures & Habitats

Structures Designed for Marine Environments with a lifespan of More than 200 years ( Advanced Reinforcement Techniques)

Next-Gen Chicken Farm Design

Enhance poultry farming with a design that focuses on bird health and reduced mortality.

Marine Floating Concrete Structures

Extended lifespan structures perfect for marine utilities setups.

Agriculture, Health & Leisure Services

Sustainable agricultural and urban farming solutions paired with immersive edutainment venues. Health-focused offerings and innovative transport and manufacturing ventures for the future.

Organic Agricultural Solutions

Sustainable farming with Organic Pesticides and Beneficial Microorganisms for crops and livestock.

Urban Agricultural Solutions - KSA

Reduce Pollution, Improve Air Quality, Support Urban Farming, and Lower Ambient Temperatures in Riyadh City.

Theme Parks, Water Parks and Interactive Edutainment Venues

Dive into a world of interactive learning and cultural appreciation.

Air & Water Crafts Manufacturing JV

Innovative manufacturing of Gyrocopters and Catamaran Sailing Boats.

Zenjabeela Health Elixir

A Health Drink & Products Crafted by Using Aquaponically Grown Ginger

Red Sea Multi-Type Taxi Services

Transport flexibility offering services on Land, Sea, and Air.

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