Alain Al Helaly

Engineering Excellence 

Sustainable Innovation

Alain Al Helaly stands as a paragon of engineering brilliance and sustainable innovation. With over three decades of rich experience, he has carved a niche in Greentech, Cleantech, Biotech, and Marinetech sectors. A pivotal force behind Albeea, Alain's journey is peppered with milestones in environmental engineering and renewable energies. From pioneering projects like the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine to his stint with the British Merchant Navy and contributions to Paris Euro Disney, he exemplifies a blend of traditional engineering prowess and modern sustainable solutions. Alain's dedication to a greener future is evident in every endeavor he undertakes.









Alain Al Helaly: A Beacon of Sustainable Innovations

A Greener Tomorrow Through Innovation and Dedication.


In today's dynamic world, it's rare to come across visionaries who weave sustainability into the very fabric of their endeavors. Alain Al Helaly, the force behind Albeea, is a paragon of such visionaries. His journey and dedication over the years have reshaped how we perceive sustainable solutions, making him a key figure in the environmental engineering landscape.

With over three decades of expertise in areas like Greentech, Cleantech, Biotech, and Marinetech, Alain has demonstrated a commitment that goes beyond mere environmental compliance. Instead, he has paved the way for solutions that harmoniously blend innovative technologies with sustainable practices.

One of Alain's standout achievements is the development of "Advanced Air Treatment Filters." With an emphasis on energy efficiency, these filters offer spaces like hospitals, homes, and offices a shield against viruses and bacteria. On the renewable energy front, Albeea, under his leadership, has harnessed the sun's power in various novel ways, from driving wind turbines to reimagining eco-friendly cooling solutions.

Furthermore, his innovative approach extends to construction technologies. With rapid, waste-free building blocks and marine-optimized floating concrete structures, Alain has managed to blend efficiency with sustainability. This same innovative spirit is evident in Albeea's poultry farm designs, which focus on bird health and reduced mortality.

But Alain's vision doesn't just stop at innovations for the environment. He recognizes the need for sustainable practices in urban centers. With solutions such as the Red Sea Multi-modal Taxi Service, he's addressing urban transport needs across land, sea, and air.

Perhaps what truly sets Alain apart is his educational and professional background. A former Marine Engineer with the British Merchant Navy and a key contributor to Paris Euro Disney's engineering projects, he brings a rich tapestry of experiences from across the globe. Such experiences have cemented his belief in solutions that are not just advanced but also in tune with nature.

In conclusion, Alain Al Helaly embodies the spirit of innovation with purpose. His vast experience and unwavering commitment to sustainable solutions have positioned him as a leading figure in the world of environmental engineering. As the world continues to face ecological challenges, pioneers like Alain give us hope for a greener, more sustainable future.



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